Long March Trail – With Billion Loving Hearts to Help Education!


山區學童每每步行數小時上課,所以苗圃行動採用步行活動為主要的籌款方式,使參加者體驗山區學童上學的苦處。 為了在香港和內地推廣助學訊息,苗圃行動於2002年發起籌辦「助學長征」大型步行籌款活動。首屆「助學長征」由苗圃行動及中國青少年發展基金會合辦,沿著當年紅軍長征的路線,由200410月從江西瑞金出發至20058月到達陝西吳旗。

全程8,038 公里,步行305天,經過10 / 101 /

參加人數 > 1,000

國内陪行人數 > 12,000

籌得善款 ~ HK$30,000,000

建校 > 126



『助學長征』將苗圃行動的助學理念推廣到國内, 具有重大歷史和象徵意義。為延續『助學長征』精神,苗圃行動每年都舉辦『苗圃助學長征』活動。  近年苗圃慈善活動也延伸至籌運兒童福利院,給與一些被遺棄或殘障兒童一個家及教育機會。 2017年助學長征活動亦計劃探訪及支援苗圃在雲南省的福利院。


2006 - 『苗圃助學長征 2006 四川段』

2007 - 『苗圃助學長征 2007貴州行』

2008 - 『苗圃助學長征 2008 甘肅行』

2009 - 『苗圃助學長征 2009 雲南行』

2010 - 『苗圃助學長征 2010 黔南行』

2011 - 『苗圃助學長征 2011青海行』

2012 - 『苗圃助學長征 2012滇北行』

2013 - 『中銀香港苗圃助學長征2013湘西行』

2014 - 『中銀香港苗圃助學長征2014赣南行』

2015 - 『苗圃助學長征 2015寧夏行』


2016 -『苗圃助學長征 2016 廣西行』

2017 -    再接再厲,籌辦『苗圃助學長征 2017滇川行』





Background and Origin of The Long March For Education


The Long March for Education is one of the charity activities organized by Sowers Action to raise donation to help children education in China.

Children in some mountain localities often have to walk for hours to attend schools. As such, Sowers Action employs largely walking activities as instruments to raise donations.  By so doing, participants of the activities would be able to feel and experience the plights of school children having to walk long distance to and from schools.

To promote the mission of helping children education in China, Sowers Action joined hands with China Youth Development Fund and in 2004 organised a mega charity walkathon – The Long March For Education. This unprecedented large-scale walkathon, set out from Ruijin of Jiangxi Province in October 2004, traced the historic route of the Red Army, trekked through 10 provinces, completed triumphantly at Wuqi of Shaanxi Province in August 2005.

This 10 months' long activity, participated by more than a thousand walkers coming from Hong Kong, the mainland provinces, overseas countries, and accompanied by thousands of local volunteers, raised more than HKD30 million in donations. The funds helped the rebuilding and improvement of over hundreds of schools. This Long March For Education expedition has laid a key historic milestone and made significant inroads in delivering and materializing Sowers Action's mission of bettering children education in China.

To uphold the spirit of Long March For Education, and building on the success of the 2004 - 2005 accomplishment, Sowers Action now holds annually, a mini Long March For Education walkathon to raise funds. The walking treks now also extend away from the Red Army's historic long march routes. In the past years, the Long March for Education expeditions had covered provinces of Sichuan, Guizhou, Gansu, Yunnan, Qinghai, Hunan, Jiangxi, Ningxia and Guangxi, where walkathons were all being successfully held and donations raised above targets each year.

In recent years, Sowers Action has also entered into the charity function of building and operating of orphanages and welfare houses to provide a home and education to abandoned and handicapped children in China.




SA Long March for Education 2017 Yunnan / Sichuan Walkathon


In 2017, the Sowers Action Long March for Education Walkathon will depart on 14 October.   It will be an eight-day trip.  Visits will be made to two Sowers Action orphanages and a school in Yunnan provinces, and to share funs with the children there.

Taking the opportunity, visits will also be made to magnificent landscapes and sceneries at the southern part of Sichuan province, to cover a walking trek of some 60 km.. 

This charity activity plans to recruit about 120 participants with an objective to raise donations of more than HKD 1.5 million.


Walk Thousand Miles of Long March Trail – With Billion Loving Hearts to Help Education!